Poster by Nana Adwoa Sey. Contest winner.Animal training done well – really well – is like magic. I never tire of being with passionate, dedicated animal carers who want to improve their understanding of how to do it well to improve the welfare and thus wellbeing of their animals. It might be your pelicans (like Jo-Jo and Wren in the back ground of the photo of us all after a week of learning at the Oregon Aquarium) or your budgie or dog. The packaging we come in doesn’t matter to me because the laws of learning are universal. That means I can use the same applications for a fearful pelican or a fearful dog. That is so cool it blows my mind. Consultancy is packaged to what is needed for the animal/s and people in question. Institutions such as aquariums, zoos and parks generally require at least one full week of working with staff and animals. Consultancy for pet owners usually moves a little differently for obvious reasons. Working with people and animals is just the best part of my job. When you see what is actually achievable it is mind-blowing – even after 20 years of seeing the transformations.

If you feel I could be of assistance to you, please wiz me an email via the contact page.

The divine team of the bird department at Oregon Aquarium in Newport U.S.A.
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