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23rd September, Canberra K9 Nose Work® clinic

Posted on 05/09/2018

Like every other training journey we embark on with our dogs, successfully hunting out hides in a K9 Nose Work® search requires a lot of smaller behavioural units to be trained to a high standard separately and then built back into the overall search. If one of these areas is weak, eventually the whole thing will come crashing down, especially as we move into more complex scent puzzles for our dogs. As always with our training, the devil is in the detail. This K9 Nose Work® clinic is designed for teams that are working at or towards competition level NW1 or NW2. Each team will nominate the area/s they want to improve in and will have the opportunity to watch and learn from the…

Nose Work Games Day 13th October 2018 Adamstown, NSW.

Posted on 05/09/2018

Nose Work Games Days are fantastic for anyone who is interested in Nose Work, either through just kicking back and watching teams run and joining in on the discussion that ensues or by jumping in and running your dog in a trial type situation, but also having the chance to be coached if needed to allow the most success and learning possible to come out of your run. This Games Day will be focused on teams currently on the odour of birch, teams that are working on or would like to take advantage of pairing the birch hides or teams that have just started on their Nose Work journey and are hunting for primary (food or toys). Teams will be run on ALL FOUR OF…