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Here you will find a link to PDF’s of some of the articles I have written and some of the powerpoint presentations I have done. Every animal reminds me of the importance of self reflection as a trainer, and I love sharing the stories of the lessons they have for us all. Please feel free to download them and use them for learning, thought provoking and potential stretching of the mind. I am more than happy for the articles to be used as handouts for clients or to be reprinted in club newsletters. I only ask that you provide a link to this web site should those who find the information interesting easily find more should they wish.

If any of the presentations look interesting to you and your organisation are interested in hosting a workshop or lecture with me I would love to hear from you via email on the contact info page. I love sharing my learning with others and in turn learning from myself. 



Seeking Therapy? What makes nose work classes so therapeutic and why?

Beware the Dying Cougar

Behaviour isn’t everything…or is it?                      

The Devil in the Details.

How to Win Dogs and Influence Eagles

Crossing Bridges – Parrot Training 101

Another Point of View

Anticipation – The Sweetest Smell of All

Dogs On Deck! Raising, Working and Loving the Dogs of Legally Blonde

Have We Thrown Out the Baby With the Bathwater?

Emotions and Thier Place in Animal Training.

The Choice is Yours: Understanding the Power of Choice for Off Leash Control.

Conditioned Reinforcers – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

PDFs of Powerpoint Presentations (please note, videos will not play in the PDF versions)

Anticipation – The Sweetest Smell of All

Helping the Canine Stress Head

Learning About Learning – From Theory to Practice & Back Again

Introduction to Animal Training 

Training for A Make Believe World – Working With Animals for the Flim & Theatre Industry

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